Global Education online conference

Once again this year I am participating in the online Global Education conference. This conference brings together hundreds of educators from around the world to discuss issues around collaboration, global issues, equity and social justice.

Click on the logo below to see the conference website

Sessions in the conference run 24/7 for five days during the coming week, and most will be recorded so that if you miss a session (or it is at 2 am in your time zone) you can watch the recording later. The sessions are in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate) and should be accessible to most people around the world on medium to fast internet connections.

There are some great keynote presenters, including Anna and Christopher Batchelder from Bon education, Howard Gardner from Harvard, Cable Green from Creative Commons, and Ewan McIntosh from NoTosh digital. And there is also a great program of workshops and papers from educators and other people involved in global education around the world.

I am not presenting at the conference this year, but I have been a member of the advisory group and I will be moderating some of the sessions on Tuesday-Friday morning in my time-zone, which is the middle of the night in UTC.

I encourage anyone who is interested in global issues, social justice, and education beyond your own borders and school systems, to check out this conference. I hope to see you there.

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