Gaming is good for the brain!

If you are going into hospital for surgery, ask your surgeon if s/he plays video games. If the answer is no, find another surgeon.

It has long been known that video games increase mental dexterity, fine motor skill, multitasking and reaction times – all characteristics you would want in a surgeon who was fiddling around inside your brain or other essential organs. These articles, all from 2007, illustrate the research which has been done in this area:


Now there is an example of gamers using their skills to crack an enzyme puzzle which has baffled scientists for years, and may have an application in understanding the causes of diseases and ultimately aiding in their treatment.

Online gamers crack enzyme riddle (ABC news)

All of which begs the question. Why is computer gaming not being used in more schools? If you want your students or your children to be surgeons or ground breaking scientists, perhaps the best thing you can do for them might be to encourage them to play computer games?

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