15 years on the internet

I don’t really feel like a pioneer, but I suppose I have been on the internet almost as long as anyone, at least in Australia. We bought our first computer in 1985, and by the early 90s I was experimenting with email and the various early manifestations of online content sharing and communication.

The infographic below comes from http://www.onlineuniversity.net/uncategorized/the-internet-1996-vs-2011/ and gives a bit of a nostalgic (and very US-centred) perspective on what the internet was like then, and now.

Created by: Online University

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1 Response to 15 years on the internet

  1. I love this post/graphic and like you, never really considered myself a pioneer either. For as long as I can remember I’ve had computers in my life – I remember my Mum loading up the Commodore 64 with a cassette and my brothers and I going for a 45 minute swim in the pool while it loaded and then bundling back inside to play the game for about 15 minutes! Maybe that’s why I don’t get frustrated when it takes 5 seconds instead of a nanosecond to load a page 😉

    I finished high school in 1995 and started university in 1999 – what a difference those four years made in the world of technology and learning! The Internet was truly on the scene and access to information was phenomenal! I remember learning HTML in one of my subjects and being blown away by being able to create a webpage of plain text, some of it was even bold!!! I’m sure if we viewed the websites of the 90s today we would think they were completely archaic compared to the interactivity and ‘magic’ we see on our screens today.

    So we’re now 15 years into this massive leap in technology but it seems some educators are only just catching up (or still lagging behind). Fifteen years is a long time!!! In that time I stumbled upon a boyfriend, married him, had three wonderful children, bought and/or sold three houses, moved to Port Macquarie and back, lived with my parents for (a very long) six months, had four jobs, complete one year of a PR degree and a four-year teaching degree. It’s rare to find a quiet moment in my life (and I love that) and somehow I have always stayed up to date with the technology. Why haven’t others?

    I’m not sure I intentionally set out to be a ‘pioneer’ but it seems that I am one. I now teach teachers to integrate technology into their classroom. If my parents hadn’t bought that Commodore 64 back in the 1980s, maybe my path would’ve been very different.

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