My new job

I have just begun work in a new position as Manager of Online Professional Learning for the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA).  I am looking forward to working with educators all over the country to develop a program to equip science teachers for implementing the Australian Curriculum as well as supporting ongoing professional learning.

This is a very 21st century job; the ASTA office is in Canberra, but I will be working mostly from my home office in Adelaide and telecommuting, as well as travelling around the country attending conferences and meetings. We often say that ‘many of our students will spend their lives doing jobs that don’t even exist yet’, but here I am at the age of 50 (!) starting work in a new job which would have been unimaginable when I was at school.

There will be three main aspects of the role:

  • Building up a Professional Learning Network (PLN) of science teachers, encouraging the use of Twitter and other web 2.0 tools to connect science teachers with each other for the purpose of professional learning and support, sharing resources and enhancing the profession
  • Developing, facilitating and moderating a series of webinars for professional learning, as an adjunct and extension to the current series of national and state face-to-face conferences for science teachers
  • Building and maintaining a portal on the ASTA website which will become an exchange for courses and resources of relevance to Science teachers.

The twitter account for my new position is @ASTA_online. Followers who are interested in science education in Australia are welcome. I will continue to post about education, web 2.0, and life generally from my personal Twitter account @1nbm.

I will post on this blog about the portal and webinars as they proceed. I suspect that an important part of the job in the first few weeks/months will be building up my own network amongst science teachers and investigating the best and most appropriate platforms to use for our webinars and the portal.

I would be very happy to receive any suggestions or ideas that might help me in my new role, and especially to network with people who may be working in similar roles facilitating online professional learning for educators in Australia and internationally. If you know of anyone whose work fits this description please pass on this post or contact me by email or Twitter @1nbm

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