I like it

have introduced a new feature. From today onwards at the bottom of all posts there is a “Like” button which enables you to “like” the post. I think this is a good thing, although perhaps there ought to be a ‘dislike’ button as well.

It is interesting to me that most of the comments I get about my blog are posted on Facebook, not on the blog. I suspect that this might be because most of the people who read my blog are already my friends (at least friends on Facebook).

I do appreciate the comments, even when they disagree with me (perhaps especially when they disagree with me). Blogging is an interesting web 2.0 tool. It requires you to share something of yourself, to put your ideas ‘out there’. I’m still not sure whether I have the right combinatin of knowledge, wisdom and ego to make it work, but I will keep on going for the time being.

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