Continuing adventures with the iPad

I have been told that my blog posts are long. For most of my life I have tended to think and present in 1000-1500 word blocks of essays/talks/sermons so it is not easy for me to break the habit, but for the sake of my suffering/adoring public I will try.

The iPad has travelled with me to Melbourne. It worked well in airplane mode, and has wowed various younger types (and some not so young) to whom I have shown it off. I have taken the liberty of putting an app called ‘the elements’ on the iPad which shows off the iPad brilliantly – taking the viewer through the periodic table with some really stunning graphics as well as lots of useful and interesting information.

I have been using the iPad today at a conference. It is difficult to move back and forward between apps, and this is quite limiting when you are trying to twitter, take notes, and check out websites all at the same time. Simply for tweeting it is excellent, and for taking notes it is fairly good. It is really awful for looking up websites because it is almost impossible to move the cursor into the middle of a word, so if your first attempt at typing in a web address is not spot on you have to delete it and start all over again. You can’t just delete or change a letter or two. This is a problem with all typing, although in word processing apps the spell checker suggests words for you and gets it right nearly all the time. A trap though – unlike other programs the default setting is that it accepts the suggestion – you have to decline if you don’t want it. This sometimes leads to some surprising malapropisms when you go back and check your work. Cutting and pasting anything other than a single word (eg a URL) is also very difficult. So many of these things could be fixed with a navigation tool (mechanical or electronic) which allowed you to move the cursor freely.

This morning I caught the early train in to Melbourne, and read the news from various local and international sites on the ipad along the way, as well as checking my email. That was cool.  The ipad also only used 40% of the battery in a quite heavy day’s work, which was very impressive.

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1 Response to Continuing adventures with the iPad

  1. Alex says:

    The iOS4 for the iPad will be out soon. Eg multitasking.

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