Moodle for teachers

I am currently attending a Moodle course conducted by the lovely people at I audited a similar course earlier in the year. It is a great course for anyone who wishes to upgrade their skills in working with Moodle, and you learn a lot about e-learning and collaboration tools along the way. The facilitators are in Australia, Canada and the USA, and I am working with people in the UK and South Africa on a Moodle project for the course. This is the Intermediate course, but there are also courses for Beginnners and Advanced Users.

There are two down sides for my participation in this course. There is only a very small class doing the course (three students and three facilitators at the last session) which is not quite a critical mass for good co-operative learning. And because of the small class they are only holding one session each week, and it is 12.30 am Sunday Adelaide time! Still, the two sessions so far have been well worth it, and the resources I am picking up, many of which I am saving in my account, will be very useful for me and hopefully for others.

Click on the button below for more information about these courses.

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